‘Along the corridor of near frequency I saw willing and discrete the season not yet for sorrow advanced’ (l.1-2)
Along the passage of near frequency I see willing and discrete the season of not yet
Along the corridor of near-frequency I saw willing and discrete the season for not yet sorrow
Along the corridor of near frequency I saw willing and discrete the season for not-yet sorrow advanced

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‘Along the corridor of near frequency I saw willing and discrete the season not yet for sorrow advanced’ (l.1-2)
Along the passage of near frequency I see willing and discrete the season of not yet
Along the corridor of near-frequency I saw willing and discrete the season for not yet sorrow
Along the corridor of near frequency I saw willing and discrete the season for not-yet sorrow advanced

The deeps of a tunnel containing a variety of experimentally capturable results or states. The rushing you’d expect to find in a wind tunnel, but not-yet loosed. ‘nearby not yet even so inference to claim.’

Seasons are conceptualizations of aptness. 

States, fixations.
Social qualities like agreement.
Knowing by experience, exposure.

The prophetic mode of the poet who knows that knowledge is arrived at through intersubjective processes of testing. For whom prophecy is the rushing sound made by the anticipated compromises of the future, the freshness of what is soon to be normal.

‘fricative’ – produced by friction; consonant produced by breath forced through narrow opening

‘confection’ – composition, compounding, mixing (not a word for sweets or ladys’ clothes)

(Spring can be said to have arrived at the first moment it aptly describes the particular confection of natural elements you see before you. The Months are used differently.)

‘At mass inlet dissent’ long shore drift seen from high above in time lapse, unnaturally quickened. Something loosed, something loosed. Silt slipping out from edges (whips of orange sand, catching light, over dark sandbanks) and out into the clear (wind-tunnel).

Social qualities like agreement, but the media.
Knowing by experience, exposure, by the media.

At this point reading is both trying to discern or scry one’s expectations in the poem’s surface and being hit in the face by percepts.

It is not that ‘the button is pressed and the author’s work is done’ (Richards on the functioning of stock-responses), it is trying to find the button, to find pretexts for ones stock-responses. Trying to draw any kind of reading out, even a bad one, just as a starting point.

Doing what we can do we ‘do what cannot pass up to its end’
Now doing what we can do we do what’s not yet done
Now, knowing what we now know, we can begin now-knowing
Now we begin

‘dendrite’- treelike crystalline aggregate

the point
‘wide eyed node’ (l.29)
‘my view’ (l.34)
Go! Folly everywhere! Folly spreading down the pathways of folly. But actually folly is a mistake, a stupidity, even though it cuts pathways with a speed and precision that could be mistaken for intuition.
the network
’employ droplets en masse’ (l.29)
‘array calculus dot by dot’ (l.34)

‘friable’ – apt to crumble

The tension between the point and the point as one point in a network.

The point will always be a point, the network will always be made up of points. 

Points know about their place in networks insofar as they are subjected to contagion. Networks know about points insofar as points have ‘ever the same to say.’ 




Any move made by a point in a network is folly; any network made up of the moves of points is a network of folly.

a point of view = a ‘window too close to close’

‘Consciousness practically distinguishes between what things are for it and what they are in themselves’ ‘The distinction between what things are for consciousness and what they are in themselves, must be something to consciousness’ ‘We see that consciousness has two objects; one is the first in-itself the other is the being-for-consciousness-of-the-in-itself

Brandom 75 and 90.

‘cash back nexus’ – the incorporation of people into markets

Occlusion as chosen but not really.

‘Who would save… yet saw in this… how ever else… not to want to want this.’


Comma-vaccuum leaves open for grammacrobatics, clauses are a hypothesis on the part of the reader (the reader sheds a reading), flip-units have been dredged up from the land beyond inversion, juggling, flipping between, the experience of occlusion for consciousness, as a point of view, and the phenomenon of occlusion to consciousness, as a proscribed and resigned-to point of view, within a sentence.

‘I saw the slide markers, they were sticky and concluded what was’

long shore drift seen again from the perspective of partitions, sea-walls taking readings, current-swill diagrams

‘they were sticky’ ‘too close’ the partitions, attached to the swill like its own flotsam

‘I saw… men braced for denial, each in proper step’

measurement clings to the measured like a burr. The Seasons don’t pass, but roll along, attached

slag- burn-off, run-off

reck- to care
cosset- a hand-reared lamb

Siltslips lost out over wall. Something loosed – the extraneous edges burn off, lost, amputation rather than escape. 

                                              Something loosed – coaxed from the interior, drawn out with care for the sake of its separation, puss system. ‘to limit of done mania assembled across cosset for slag and reck’

Thought a cosset was a baked good or confectionary, which had goo 

Measuring instruments hang on the refinery wall to be involved in the process of refining

declension – decay or system of verb endings

‘who will inflect this full upper declension of substance’

a pun in this case

transitive – having the power of passing; in logic, is having relations

‘Wandering in two minds’ – to and for consciousness also before and after a process – split-knowing: you don’t want to experience a conscious abridgement! After a process of loss, which is the kind of process that covers its tracks, we’re left with ‘zero conductance’

Points become more and more pointy, clouds become more and more cloudy

more cloud imagery

The Return of the Cloud 

air isn’t empty but has as a property the spaciousness required for things to happen within it that aren’t it. Breathing doesn’t belong to the air.

‘I’, who saw the slide markers, also sees ‘it there flit past’, lost in a cloud

This ‘I’ is able to pick out points, not being one itself

There’s a point at which the ‘property inherent’ (within ‘it’) will ‘relent’ revealing itself to the inhaler princes of folly, who stand-by, standing ‘around’ in the air 

inhalers are artificial means of breathing for those who can’t breathe, I first read them as special air suction devices

‘Nothing shall come of continuous diminish’ (the process: points become more and more pointy, clouds become more and more cloudy)

The cloud, graph of continuous diminish, is, surprise, computable. But only ‘across its boundaries.’ Can be made to ‘speak parrot.’ 

tumefy – to swell

‘To know partly is by now not to unknow’

‘Close’-ness as epistemological sucess story! Implemented abridgement-blanket across points imposes perpetuating, re-throbbing advantage (like breathing is an advantage, a huge one), a gift of endless restarts, ‘borrowed light induced by origin perpetual.’

What is rejected or sacrificed here : the ‘play sequence’

‘close’-ness of the ‘too close to close’, ‘finger ever grip’, ‘ever the same to say’ variety

With, and just before, the first quotation, the poem’s attitude swerves on its axis in a large way.

recension – critical revision of a text

But, What is missed or passed over shall be re-included.                                              knowledge,    thought lost, shall be filled in…

all by interventions so incremental as to seem fostered in acts of next recension.     ‘also, all by so’

5 line scientific quotation like opening the window to a giant waft of new ‘to consciousness’, pushing poem beyond previous sections reproachful, ironic stance towards abridgement

‘pronate’ – to turn the foot sole inwards ; ‘atempered’ – mixed in due proportion ; ‘pronoun’

‘pronate atempered pronoun’

this is the ‘I’ that exists in such fields, a slightly solipsistic angle within materialism, ‘alleged awake among things that are’

‘hot pies!’

‘how alike by probe to’

‘shelf grains’

this ‘I’-angle is (only) ‘alike’ its node-cloud substrate, the material substrate (pies ‘alike’ grains)

Declaration. ‘This is and must be the thought.’ ‘This’, referring back to previous sentence, is the irrigation required so that metaphorical water dribbles down from line to line, a stream over full stop – so that ‘hot pies’ are Being, and ‘shelf grains’ are ‘the [N]othing that cannot be apart from what is.’

worth noting that the node-cloud/point-network relation is now subsumed as ‘shelf grains’ in the ‘shelf grains’-‘hot pies’ relation

stock response : scientific image – manifest image relation 


State Change.
                         Take new fixities, which are new fixations. Into parrot-computer recursive shelf grain self-consciousness.

nature’s tiered gallery of fixed states. Ice-fixity, rock-fixity, facial-fixity (a facial ‘expression’, or gritted teeth)

‘the sonar filtration charm’ is what birds take (like a drug, inhaled (cloud) like Nos) and are taken by. Capacity imposition.